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Algebra 1
Instructor: Karapetyan/Nishioka   
Today's classwork/homework
The 13.0 Quiz Review handout from class today is in the 13.0 Notes folder.  The answers are also included in the file to correct your work.

Homework for Monday, May 6
Writing Assignment #15 is in the TPR folder and is due Monday.

Tonight's homework (due on Wednesday, 04/24/13
You have two things to turn in on Wednesday.

1)  Typed paragraph using the organizer from class on Writing Assignment #13

2)  Typed paragraph using the organizer and prompt, Writing Assignment #14, found in the TPR folder.

Each paragraph should be typed on a separate page in MLA format.

Writing Assignment #13
There will be no writing assignment due tomorrow.  You should review the current packet, Standard 21.0, and focus on the upcoming CST's.

Writing Assignment #12
This assignment is due on Monday, April 8.

Writing Assignment #11
Writing Assignment #11 is posted in the TPR folder.  It is due the Monday after Spring Break.  Be sure your paragraph response is typed and in MLA format, including the heading.

14.0 Test Tomorrow!
The 14.0 Test is tomorrow.  Be sure to study and review.  The answers for the homework and post test are posted in the Post Test folder.


Writing Assignment #10
Writing Assignment #10 is due on Monday, March 11.  It must be typed in MLA format.  A sample heading is included.

Writing Assignment #9
Writing Assignment #9 is due Monday, March 11.  It must be typed in MLA format, including the heading. 

Homework: Writing Assignment #8
Writing Assignment #8 is due on Monday, March 4.  Your paragraph should be typed in MLA format.

Homework for Tuesday, January 19
Writing Assignment #6 is in the TPR folder.  Please make sure you answer the question being asked and follow all directions.  As usual, your assignment needs to be typed in MLA format.

Have a great weekend.

Homework for Monday, February 11
Writing Assignment #5 is in the "TPR" file folder.  Be sure to follow MLA format when writing for this class, that includes your heading as well.

Homework for Monday, February 4
See the assignment below, "Writing Assignment #4" in the TPR folder.  It is based on TPR 3 you turned in last week.


Homework for Monday, January 28
Your TPR assignment, TPR #3, can be found below in the TPR file  Please don't forget to complete this assignment.  It is due at the beginning of the period in your group folders.  It must be typed in MLA format.

Homework for Tuesday, January 22
Your TPR assignment, TPR 2, can be found below in the TPR file.

Remember, it must be typed and in MLA format.

Due on Monday, January 14
Just a reminder of what is due on Monday:

1.  Standard 8.0 Packet

2.  TPR's typed and in MLA format (2 prompts and 2 TPR's)


Also, the Standard 8.0 Test is on Monday.


Have a great weekend.

6. 0 Test Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 21
Standard 6.0 Test is tomorrow, Wednesday, November 21.  Your packet is due tomorrow at the beginning of the period.  Don't forget to complete your homework log and to have your parent initial in the appropriate places.  Also, be sure to complete the Post-Test to prepare for the test.  The answers to the Post-Test can be found in the Post Test Answers file below.


Practice Midterm
Please note that the practice midterm as well as the solutions have been posted under the Class Work file.

4.0 & 5.0 Part II TEST
Hope you are all having a good and productive weekend and that you are spending some time studying for our test on MONDAY, Oct. 23, 2012.  Please also remember to have the packet signatures as well as notes complete as the packet will be collected before the test and graded.

Have a great rest of the week, see you all on Monday 

~ Ms. K and Mr. Nish 

Homework for tomorrw, Wednesday, October 10
Please make sure you complete your homework log for the 4.0 & 5.0 Part 1 Packet with your test grade and grade-to-date.  We will be checking this tomorrow at the beginning of class along with your HW #1 from the 4.0 & 5.0 Part 2 Packet.

As requested, the pages to be used for referenced and extra practice problems can be found below in the "Files" section.

Classwork for Monday 09/24
Today's classwork was  pg. 128-129, #11 - 51 every other odd.  If you did not finish this in class, then you are to finish this assignment along with HW #2 in the packet.



HW for this weekend and upcoming test
Your homework for this weekend is to do the Post Test in the packet and to get all the parent initials.   We will be reviewing on Tuesday and the test will be on Wednesday. 

Tutoring tomorrow!
Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get your questions answered and learn what you still don't know.  

TUTORING:  In H10, with Mr. Nish, Wednesdays 7:00am - 8:00am.

Additional HW due tomorrow....
From the textbook:

Section 8.3

Pg. 478

1 - 43 odd

If you did not have this assignment today, please make sure it's done and ready to be turned in tomorrow, 9/12/12.

MAKE SURE to COPY DOWN the problem before attempring the solution.  SHOW all your work, then BOX the final answer.

~ Ms. K & Mr. Nish

CW Solutions.......
..........are now posted in the Class Work file below =]


Math Tutoring

Tuesday – Room R-2 - Ms. N. Smith 3:30-4:30pm

Wednesday – Room H-10 – Dr. Nishioka 7am-8am

Wednesday – Room M-11 – Mrs. Foygel 3:30pm-4:30pm

Thursday - Room M-11 – Mrs. Foygel 3:30pm-4:30pm

Thursday – Room G-9 – Mr. Overton 3:30pm-4:30pm     

Tutoring is now available Wednesday's, 7:00a.m. - 8:00a.m., in room H10!!  The tutor is our very own Mr. Nish.    Not too many students have the opportunity to be tutored by their own math teacher; so, take advantage of this situation and get the help you need!!!!!! A little bit of tutoring can go a long way  

Friday's Test


Hi everyone,

We hope you all had a good, productive evening and that you started studying for this Friday's test!!  This test will cover everything we have learned and written in our very first packet over the past two weeks.  Please use the notes and the HW assignments in the packet as your study guide!  Begin now; don't wait till Thursday night to study...



My apologies for all the late replies to your e-mails and the lack of communication this weekend; I was on a family camping trip where I had no access to a computer or the Internet. Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine but also productive. See you all tomorrow! =]
~ Ms. K
HW for tonight
Please make sure to redo your HW #4 tonight and make all the needed corrections.  Also, spend some time studying and looking though the notes.  You all made great progress today; let's continue moving forward and not fall behind!  =]


~ Ms. K & Mr. Nish

Our first test is coming up one week from today: Wednesday, August 29, 2012. 

It will cover everything from Standard 2, Part I.  This is the packet we are working on right now.


When you study every night, please make sure you keep reviewing ALL of the material since the beginning of the packet, not just what you've learned that day.  A lot of the content you learned days ago can start fading away and you may begin forgetting.  That is never a good thing!!  Always review review review.... not the night befor the test, but EVERY DAY!!!


We just wanted to remind you about all the things you have to complete over the weekend, just in case you missed these announcements in class. On MONDAY, you should have completed all of the following:

1: Please show the packet to your parent/guardian for them to sign the bottom of page 2 as well as the homework log in the appropriate place.

2: Finish HW #1 in the packet and have your parent/guardian sign on the bottom right corner

3: Find your book and bring it to class on Monday, 8/20, for a book check.  To receive the 20 points the book needs to physically be in class... no you cannot bring a picture of it, or tell me how you forgot it in the locker... or.... not in class = no points

4: Look up your grade online and complete the first entry of the HW log.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. K & Mr. Nish

Book Check
We will have a book check on Monday, 8/20/12, so please make sure to bring your book to class!!!

20 points!!!

Reminder to all 10th and 11th (and 12th) grade students, please make sure to stop by the textbook room to pick up your book!  You may do so before or after school. 

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday 8/15, you must bring the following:

- All required materials

- Syllabus signatures (both of them on page 1 and page 3)

- and the class work you started today: Prealgebra review ~ MATHO!!! ~



Hi everyone, welcome to our homepage!!! 

Please feel free to look around and get familiar with this site… you will be visiting it often!  This is where you can find important information about our class, tutoring resources, and all necessary handouts and documents.  This is OUR class and we all need to be responsible for our successes and failures (more of the former and less of the latter…I hope).  So, dive in and get ready for an interesting, fun, and challenging year!  Nice to have you all aboard 



Ms.K & Mr. Nish

“The road to any great undertaking beings with a positive attitude and the unwavering desire to succeed!!!” 

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